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Just for fun... this short story based around the whodunit game Cluedo/Clue was written as a guest post for the blog 7criminalminds in January 2011

The prompt was: “The Clue characters are locked in a winter lodge. Mr. Boddy is found dead in a snowdrift with no visible signs of trauma. Who did it and how do you prove it using just the things in the lodge?

This is Mr. Boddy's faithful retainer, Blanche White's recollection of the events of the fatal night, as told to police detective Bruno Gray.

It's the Clue characters like you've never seen them before!
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the game Cluedo/Clue, and I am not in any way affiliated with Hasbro, the publisher of the game. I just borrowed the characters to have some fun. 

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Every year on the same night, Regina White and Tyler Harrison relive the past. They leave their everyday lives behind - jobs, home, kids - and check into the same two rooms in the Piedmont Hotel where they first met years ago: #510 and #512, with a connecting door.

Rumors fly among the staff, and newlywed receptionist Elizabeth thinks she’s got the situation all figured out—but...

Looks can be deceiving in this adorable, sweet and romantic story of love shared.”
–Dru’s Book Musings

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