Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quinn wins again!

I'm uber-excited to be able to announce - much after the fact - that Fortune's Hero won the
Wisconsin RWA's Write Touch contest for the Futuristic/Fantasy/Paranormal genre.

Here are all the winners, in the order they were posted on the WISRWA Facebook page on June 4th.

Yes, I really was very late in learning about this. The wonderful Anna Lee Huber congratulated me on Twitter earlier today. I told her she must be mistaken because I hadn't heard anything about winning, and she said no, I won. So of course I had to go see for myself, and lo and behold, I did win. Anna Lee won too, incidentally, for the Mainstream category, with a wonderful historical mystery called The Anatomist's Wife.

Without further ado, the WISRWA Write Touch winners and finalists; congratulations to everyone:

Winner - Pushing The Limits Katie McGarry
2nd Place - Greta and the Goblin King Chloe Jacobs
3rd Place - Courtship and Curses Marissa Doyle
4th Place - Feyland Anthea Sharp
5th Place - Wishing You Were Here Catherine Chant

Short Series
Winner - Unlocking The Surgeon's Heart Jessica Matthews
2nd Place - The Long Way Home Cathryn Parry
3rd Place (Tie) - Something To Prove Cathryn Parry
3rd Place (Tie) - Once A Good Girl Wendy S. Marcus
4th Place - Taste For Temptation Phyllis Bourne

Winner - Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed Anna Campbell
2nd Place - The Saint Monica McCarty
3rd Place - The Recruit Monica McCarty
4th Place - Sweet Enemy Heather Snow
5th Place - Free Me Ann Brown

Winner - All Roads Lead Home Christine Johnson
2nd Place - Threat of Darkness Valerie Hansen
3rd Place - The Mouse Trap Caper Gaby Pratt
4th Place - Alaskan Hearts Teri Wilson
5th Place - Hannah's Joy Marta Perry

Single Title
Winner - When Snow Falls Brenda Novak
2nd Place - All I Want is You Sherrill Bodine
3rd Place - Take Me Home Nancy Herkness
4th Place - When Lightening Strikes Brenda Novak
5th Place - Seasons of Wine and Love Casey Clifford

Romantic Suspense
Winner - Blue Ridge Fear Robin Weaver
2nd Place - Shadow of Deceit Mal Olson
3rd Place - An Island No More Casey Clifford
4th Place - Sniper Shots Kathy Lane
5th Place - A Man to Trust Cheryl

Winner - The Anatomist's Wife Anna Lee Huber
2nd Place - Repossessed Sandy Parks
3rd Place - The Unfinished Garden Barbara Claypole White
4th Place - The Promise of Change Rebecca Heflin
5th Place - Better Than Dessert Casey Clifford

Winner - Fortune's Hero Jenna Bennett

2nd Place - Return to Celio Sasha Cain
3rd Place - Released Amber Polo
4th Place - A Soul For Trouble Christa McHugh
5th Place - Riever's Heart Renee Wildes

Winner - Unbridled and Unjustified Elle Saint James
2nd Place - Unbridled and Unhitched Elle Saint James
3rd Place - Blood Fire Sharon Page
4th Place - Blood Secret Sharon Page
5th Place - Unbridled and Untethered Elle Saint James

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