Sunday, July 26, 2009

Enter to win

Want a signed copy of "Fatal Fixer-Upper"? Or a signed copy of "Spackled and Spooked" (once I get my hands on one)?

Here's your chance. Sign up for my newsletter anytime between right now and August 4th, 2009 - when "Spackled and Spooked" hits shelves - and you could be the lucky winner! I'll pick one name at random and send copies of "Spackled and Spooked" and "Fatal Fixer-Upper," as well as a subscription to DIY-Ideas Magazine, where Avery (and I) get lots of our renovating ideas!

Here's the place to go: Newsletter

Be sure to respond to the email that comes your way, confirming that yes, you do want to receive Jennie Bentley's (very infrequent) newsletter.

Thanks, y'all! And good luck!

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